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Spring Time in La Jolla

When walking, walk. When eating, eat. – Zen Proverb

My most favorite time of the year in La Jolla is spring time! Walking dogs turns into a treasure hunt for beautiful flowers and secret gardens. The magical songs of birds in the neighborhood lead the way and Daisy and Taj’s noses twitch and wiggle happily.




Appreciation Walks

The world and the little neighborhoods that we live in are so damn beautiful, but it’s so easy to get distracted and walk through life without really appreciating the beauty all around us. Dogs are such a blessing because they remind us to look around, use our noses and open our eyes.

I’ll admit, most often than not, when I’m walking my dogs I’m not fully present and aware of the beauty around me. And I live on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Instead, I’m sucked into my iphone or my mind is spinning out of control like a hamster on a wheel. My goal is to train myself to kick the hamster out of my brain and to learn how to truly appreciate all of the special little things around me. I want to truly connect with my dogs and learn how to appreciate a walk as much as they do.

So this is why I want to start doing Appreciation Walks! Elise Blaha (check out her awesome blog here), shares her themed walks and I thought it would be fun to do my own version with my dogs. Elise would pick a theme, a color, a plant etc. and then take pictures along her walks. Another friend of mine shared that she would take a camera wherever she went and would take a picture everyday and that it made her much more aware of the beauty around her. Awareness and appreciation for all living things is something that I really want to train my mind to be more cognizant of.

Every week I’m going to do my very best to share one of my Appreciation Walks. I already consider myself to be a pretty happy person, but I really want to train my mind to be in the happiest, most balanced and loving state that it can possibly be in. I’m looking forward to these walks so that I can practice being more appreciative and grateful for my time spent with my dogs and the amazing neighborhood that I live in.

To kick start this series, I decided to choose yellow as the first theme because you can’t ask for a happier color! It seemed to be everywhere on my walks today and it contrasted beautifully with the calm gray skies.