5 Ways to prep for an awesome 2015

Some people love the Easter bunny, others love the festivities of Christmas and others love the spookiness of Halloween. I’m a sucker for celebrating New Year’s Day. I mean, come one! It’s a new day, a new year, and new future full of possibilities! I’d take new opportunities over a leg of turkey on Thanksgiving any day. This particular year, I’m particularly excited about it. It’s finally time to launch Handlr and I couldn’t be more excited about it. 2014 was the year of learning, discovering and building. 2015 is the year of launching and growing. I’m ready to work harder than I’ve ever worked before and I’m ready to completely immerse myself in all things Handlr.

To prepare for a huge year, I’ve been getting my ducks in a row. Here’s the top 5 ways I’ve been getting ready for a kick ass year.

1) Journal, journal, journal. Writing down your goals and your projections for the year makes an idea a sudden reality just by putting it on paper. A few years back with DogZenergy I made it a goal to make $100,000 by June and writing it down made it seem completely possible. And it happened. From there, DogZenergy took off. That number was special for me because it meant that I could hire my first employee. It also meant that I had to take a cut to my salary in order to pay my first employee, but this was a big turning point because it meant that I was able to take on more customers and improve on my business operations in order to deliver a better customer experience. You have to make sacrifices and constantly invest every cent into your business in order to make it grow. Writing down these goals, keeping track of your finances and writing down the ways you’re going to reinvest into your business (whether it’s advertising, bringing on more employees, getting promotional materials made or attending community events) is all part of the growing process.

2) Making lists and checking them twice. Santa may have his lists, but I have my lists in order to get ready for the New Year. As my own boss, it’s not always easy to stick to deadlines because I don’t have someone to make sure that I get them done. Setting hard deadlines and making them happen is made possible with lists. I like to write my lists on my whiteboard at the beginning of the week on Sundays. I’ll write a list for This Week, and then from there I break it down into days. For Today’s list I’ll break the day down into timeframes to figure out if everything I wrote down can actually be accomplished. I’ve made a whole list of loose ends I want to tie up in 2014 so that I can dive head first into Handlr sales and not be distracted by things like bills and “life stuff”.

3) Organizing to make room for more time. I’ve been reading about Capsule Wardrobes and the power of limiting your closet to just a few items that all match so that you don’t waste time thinking about how to clothe your body. In 2015 I’m all about time management and simplifying my personal life so that I can do nothing but eat, breathe and sleep Handlr. I may not be stylish in 2015, but at least I’ll match and it’ll only take me a minute to rush out the door. I’ve also been thinking about others way to optimize my time by figuring out what daily activities zap hours in the day. Going grocery shopping, preparing meals and cleaning are the most time consuming activities during the week and easily add up to 25% of my daily hours. To free up this time, I’m signing up for Amazon Fresh to deliver on a weekly basis and just like the capsule wardrobe, I’m going to pick out 10 healthy, quick to prep recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and rotate them throughout the month. Who needs to eat a fancy meal when you have a new business to launch? Not me.

4) Reflecting on daily habits and repeating the mantra, “If I ___________, I’ll be able to ___________.” I read this in an article in the Harvard Business Review the other day and it stuck with me. It’s easy to make resolutions to exercise more, wake up early, yadda yadda, but it’s important to really ask ourselves why we want to do these things in order to truly embrace these changes in our daily lives. I’ve always been a night owl since I was a kid. I’m typing this right now at 10:31pm. I desperately want to be an early morning person and I’ve been trying and trying to push my alarm back by at least a half hour every few weeks. Sadly, my average wake up time is around 7:30, which is not going to cut it for 2015. So I’ve been telling myself this, “If I wake up at 6am everyday, I’ll be able to spend the early morning with Matt.” And then I’ll continue with, “If I wake up at 6am everyday, I’ll be able to learn about current events and business strategies before I start my day. If I wake up at 6am everyday, I’ll be able to exercise or ride my horses before I start the workday. If I wake up at 6am everyday, I’ll be able to eat a healthy breakfast and enjoy it with Matt. If I wake up at 6am everyday, I’ll be able to prepare my mind mentally, physically and emotionally in order to start my workday at 8:30am and will truly make the most out of the rest of the day.” This exercise allows you to truly understand the benefits that making one change can make. One change can make such an impact not only on your wake up time, but also on the rest of the day and your whole life.

5) Looking back on 2014 and being grateful for every bit of it. 2014 was one of the best years of my life. Matt and I traveled all over the globe and went on more adventures than I can count. From getting stuck in a river in Costa Rica, to playing with a monkey for the first time in Barbados, to skiing in the Italian Alps, to midnight product development calls in the streets of Paris, to partying in Ibiza till 5am in the morning, to eating meatballs in Sweden, drinking wine in Napa and wandering in Germany, it was a year of discovery. In each and every place we traveled to, Handlr ideas, strategies and product calls came pouring out onto the pages of my journal. I was truly living in love and living in the moment in 2014.

Last year, I didn’t make any resolutions and I chose a word to define 2014. Ok, two words, “Be brave.” This year I’ve chose three words, “Be f@#$ing awesome.” This is also our motto for Handlr. We need to do all things in our power to make Handlr awesome. Our technical team is awesome and we have an awesome Handlr Ambassador team forming. We have awesome businesses signing up and we have awesome new top-secret plans in the pipeline for taking Handlr global. 2015 is going to be f@#$ing awesome!

Wishing you a very Happy Awesome New Year!


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