Quick HANDLR update

Can I just say that I’m so excited that I can barely handle it?!?! Get it? Handle it?

In the last week, I’ve just managed to summon up the courage to start spreading the word about Handlr. Isn’t that funny? You’d think that after a year and half of development that I would be so excited to tell every single service business in America about just how awesome Handlr is, but rejection is a funny thing. To work so hard at something and to believe in something so much is only half of the battle. The truth is, not everyone is going to love your idea and not everyone is going to want to sign up for your vision. To have an idea and to see it come to life is so crazy. I knew that I needed this mobile platform to run my business on, but I didn’t completely trust that other people would love it too. To put Handlr out there and to get our first signups has been mind blowing. OTHER PEOPLE LIKE IT TOO?!?! Amazeballs. Bring it on!

I bought a book the other day called “Red Hot Cold Calling”. The book is circa 1995. The author recommends using a computer to keep track of your sales contacts. ; ) But he does make a few great points- pick up the damn phone and make more than one call a day. It’s tough to make one cold call and get rejected simply because a business is not ready to go mobile or they want to stay small (huh?). But it’s easy to make 20 phone calls and get 5 to sign up that day because “they get it”. It’s not about being rejected, it’s about realizing that there simply needs to be more education. He also reminded me that I’ve created an amazing product and that I’m not “selling” my product, I’m just informing people about how AMAZING Handlr really is.

The truth is, I’m not actually selling anything because Handlr is completely FREE for businesses to use. I made it this way because I am coming directly from the business owner’s shoes. I HATE paying for advertising. I’ve always dreamed about new customers just dropping themselves into my schedule and by George (where did this phrase come from?), I’ve done it! Handlr does this.

I’ve paid closed to a $100K (or more) in advertising and marketing over the years for my small business DogZenergy and I might as well gone and lit that money on fire in the middle of the street. My DogZenergy advertising money bonfire might’ve attracted more new customers than any Facebook ads ever have. But I digress- the truth is, small business owners invest soooo much time and money and effort into their businesses and they deserve a better solution. We shouldn’t have to guess that a $1,000 here and a $1,000 there will turn into new sales. $2,000 is a lot of money for a hard working small business owner. We’re better off using that money to pay our hard working employees a better wage. They’re the people who really deserve it. Not Yelp. Not Facebook. Our employees are the faces of our small businesses. They are the people who put so much love and time and energy into making our small businesses a success. I wish that I could pay my dog walkers 50% more. I wish that I could improve my margins and improve our opportunities to double our business.

With Handlr, I’m so excited to do this. I’m excited to provide the most transparent, easy, simple mobile experience for my customers and I’m so excited to keep my dog walkers 100% booked. I’m excited about Handlr and all of the good that it can do for small businesses like my own. We deserve to have the most state-of-the-art mobile technology to run our businesses and it’s almost here!

Sneak peaks of the Handlr dashboard. Shhhh don't tell anyone. ; )

Sneak peaks of the Handlr dashboard. Shhhh don’t tell anyone. ; )



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