Where to start?

Life is a funny thing. Just a few years ago I was walking 20-30 dogs per day in beautiful La Jolla, and now I’m running a startup in Los Angeles. I’ll tell you one thing right now- walking dogs is way more fun than sitting behind a computer all day. But I’m on a mission. A mission to change the way that small business owners operate and the way that customers find good, reliable service providers. I’m creating a thing called HANDLR and it’s f#$%ing awesome!

So I’ve decided to start sharing my story here to hopefully help and inspire other people to start their own small business or startup. It’s very simple and very hard to do. It’s simple to have an idea and to dream about how you’d like to make it happen, but making it happen is a whole other story. It takes a lot of guts, a lot of stamina, a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of tears, a lot of sleepless nights and a lot ups and downs. But it’s all so worth it to watch your ideas and dreams come to life.

Businesses start as nothing and live only as an idea in a crazy person’s head. It takes the truly crazy person to commit and make it happen. Being an entrepreneur means that you’re crazy enough to think that your little ol’ idea can actually become a reality. Being an entrepreneur means that you’ll do anything and everything to make things happen (side note: I’ve danced around on a busy intersection in La Jolla dressed in a giant dog mascot costume). It also means that you may have moments of extreme elation or periods of being completely bummed out. One minute you think that your company could one day be worth over a billion dollars and another day you’re thinking that not a single person is going to buy this crazy idea from you.

I’m writing about this new career path I’m on because 1) if I don’t write about it I might go mental, 2) I hope to connect with other entrepreneurs/techies/startup founders/small business owners out there and create a community of fellow crazy people, 3) I want to share this startup experience with my friends and family so that they will understand why I’ve fallen off the deep end and 4) I hope to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs to take the leap into crazy town.

Follow along if you’re interested or just pop in here and there to see where Handlr’s at in our development. I’ll be posting tips on starting your own startup and running a small business. I might also throw some random things on here like how to make roasted pumpkin soup, how to take really good pictures of cats on Instagram, and how to procrastinate by blogging. I’ll also be covering all the latest geek news going on in Silicon Beach and I’ll be doing lots of shameless plugs for Handlr.

Alrighty then!

So here’s tip #1 for people who want to start their own business…

Just start.


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