Around here

Sitting on a fence right now listening to my horses sneeze, swish their tails and stomp around. The baby birds have been flying out of their nests and tasks have been flying off my to-do list. Spring has sprung away and summer has landed. This spring I was busy putting all of my ducks in a row and this summer is going to be action packed. I’ve been working on a top secret project for the last year and now it’s time to unleash it. Funny how I’m literally sitting on a real fence right now while I feel like I’m sitting on a different kind of fence perched above two sides- preparation and execution. Funny how scary it is to be getting so close to making the big dream in my head a real thing in real life. Is it going to work? Are people going to like it? Am I missing something? Am I delusional? Can I actually really do this and pull it off? Moo just tried to push me off the fence. Which is exactly what I need. I need to push myself forward and execute quickly. These feelings of being uncomfortable or scared are simply just the push I need to channel this pent up energy (aka anxiety) into action. It’s so easy to talk about things and dream about things, but actually making them happen can be a whole different scary story. Now Moo just tried to bite my boot. He’s probably reading my thoughts and thinking, “Get off your ass, stop being scared, stop blogging and go back to work.” Ok Moo, reading you loud and clear.

But first, before I go, I just want to recap in photos how glorious this spring was…



















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