Down Dogs and Cats

Training dogs and running a small business have taught me the importance of identifying small habits in order to make big changes. I’ve been reading a great book called, The Power of Habit, and in it the author highlights identifying cues and reinforcers that perpetuate habit loops. By identifying the things that cue us during the day and then by rewiring our response to these cues, we can make big changes. Making big changes is also easier when you make big life changes, like moving to a new house and city, which I’ve recently done. We’ve lived here for 7 months now, but I feel like I’m still in the process of figuring out how I want to live on a day to day basis. How I want to wake up in the morning, how to wake up being mindful of my thoughts so that they’re happy, upbeat, excited for the day. I know this sounds totally gross, but I also needed to identify when I need to brush my teeth. Do I brush them after I feed all of the animals, after breakfast and coffee or before yoga? Otherwise, being an at-home working girl, you end up getting into a workflow and then 3:00 rolls around and you still have nasty morning breath on a beautiful afternoon. All of these little “habits” need to be thought about, at least for me they do. I find that if I’m successful in starting my morning off right it sets the tone for my productivity during the rest of the day. I’ve always thought of myself as a night owl and not an early birdie, but with my new startup venture kicking into high gear, I have to seize the morning by its balls and own it! Or in other words, just make the best of it. My goal is to wake up at 6:00 (eventually, small baby steps right? So truthfully more like 7:30), feed the horses, sling some poop, feed the rest of the critters, sling some more poo out of the litterbox, eat a healthy vegan breakfast (after I wash my hands of course), drink too much coffee, do at least 30 mins of yoga via with my four fellow furry yogis, brush my teeth, take a shower, look presentable for my furry office coworkers and then hit the ground running (sit at my desk) by 9. The next part entails taking over the world with my new venture, but more details on that to come! ; )

Has anyone else tried doing yoga at home with animals? It’s a total crack up! I find myself staring at cat butt holes and doing deep breathing exercises with Daisy panting into my face. Also, being this close to my hairy floor is way too personal. I’m afraid that I’m going to take a deep breath and choke to death on dog hair. I’d rather keep those furballs under the tv console out of sight and out of mind. But then again, yoga shouldn’t be serious and breathy all the time, and having four animals lick you, step on you, make you giggle and steal your mat space definitely beats random sweaty strangers accidentally touching you in the middle of savasana.





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