Horsin’ around

My life is complete. There is nothing else that I want or need in the world (besides some sweet kids one day, some baby chickens, an arena, a tack room and some new cushions for our dining room table chairs). Other than that, I am perfectly 100% happy. Horses and dogs can do that to you. As I put it to one neighbor yesterday, “Animals make life make sense to me.”

This last week, all I did was horse around. We ordered all of our pipe corrals, got a whole bunch of decomposed granite, leveled it all out with a tractor and then installed all of the corrals. A long time Topanga resident, Jimmy, put it all in for us and he did such a great job. There was a big rush to get everything done because we were supposed to pick up Gracie on Thursday. Matt had to go out of town for work, so I had to get most of it all done by myself with the help of Jimmy. On Wednesday everything was still in piles on the ground, but we pulled it off and everything got put up in time for Gracie. I had to go get a tow hitch put on the ol’ Tahoe and then I managed to hook up the trailer and then actually drive it on PCH and the 405 freeway to Palos Verdes all by myself. I was white knuckled to whole way there and back. I’m pretty much the worst driver, as evident by the minor accident I caused last week on Rodeo Drive (thank god it wasn’t the Bugatti we passed earlier, but I still feel so bad because I hit someone’s brand new car). LA is so terrifying to drive in! And then you add a horse trailer and I’m pretty much a disaster waiting to happen. But fortunately, Gracie and I survived and we made it back to Topanga in one piece. Gracie was not happy about leaving her old barn and it took five men to get her into the trailer, and then she proceeded to stomp around and whinny to tell us how unhappy she was to be in a metal box on wheels. I don’t blame her. She settled down once we got moving. It was so fun to drive with Gracie past the views of downtown LA and then come out of the tunnel in Santa Monica at PCH. Even though there’s usually a lot of traffic, you can’t complain about driving up the coast with the beach on your left. I still haven’t gotten over the novelty of turning up the canyon to head up to Topanga. Gracie and I blasted Edward Sharpe’s “Home” as we SLOWLY winded are way up the hill. We pulled up and all of the corrals were finished and Gracie’s home was all ready for her. Matt surprised me by getting home early from his trip. I was so happy he was there when we pulled up! Gracie has a huge princess pen with an in and out barn stall, but she’s too funny because she’s afraid to go inside the barn. Even with hay in there, she refuses to set foot in the scary barn. She’s been pacing quite a bit because she’s anxious being in her new home, but she’s slowly starting to relax. We brought Lady over to her new corral and the two of them have had a few bitch fights, but they’re starting to get used to each other and I think they’re both happy for the company and the entertainment.

We’ve had quite a week with our Lady Bug. I rode her very lightly on the Loop around our house and on a pretty flat ride to Red Rock, and then she turned up really lame on Monday. I didn’t even canter her or take her up anything really steep. She really didn’t want to move her back end and looked like she was in a lot of pain. I called the vet out and they did a lameness test and x-rays. It turns out that Lady has a really funky looking rear knee from an old injury. On the xrays her patella looked like a baby’s face in a sonogram, and it’s supposed to look smooth. Her ligaments also looked like there was some significant scarring. The vet’s diagnosis was pretty bad. He said that she will probably never be able to do the type of trail riding that we had in mind. : ( Which is basically the worst news that you can get considering that we just got her and we just started to completely bond with her. We’ve had her on bute the last couple of days, which is probably why she looks better, but I swear she’s doing way better. I’m crossing my fingers and praying to God that she just strained a butt or back muscle and that the vet only thinks that it has to be the old knee injury because it looks so weird on the x-ray. I’m really hoping that she’s going to be fine, otherwise it looks like we’re going to have a third really large dog that literally eats up a whole lotta green. Matt is really sad because Lady is a horse for him and his mom, and now we probably won’t be able to ride her for awhile, if not ever. Ugh. We’re so bummed. Let’s just pray that she’s going to be fine. She’s been walking around her stall today and bearing a ton of weight on her back legs now, so she might just come out of it.

Right now I’m sitting on our porch and it overlooks the girls in their stalls. It’s funny how we traded in our ocean view for a view of horses, mountains and trees. All of which are our favorite things. I absolutely love the ocean, but I also absolutely love the serenity and stillness of the mountains. They’re so opposite and both so beautiful. I’m slowly turning even more ‘granola’ than I’ve always been. I swear that the energy here is different. At the beach it’s gorgeous and it has it’s quiet moments, but it’s also full of energy and very turbulent. It’s hardly ever really still. I always had a little bit of anxiety in my throat the last few years, but here, under the trees and in the mountains, I haven’t felt those feelings. I feel so at peace here. As though this is exactly where I’m supposed to be, with Matt and our animals.

Yay! Lady just rolled in her new stall and she’s been playing in her water. Gracie isn’t pacing as much. I think the girls are finally settling in. I think we’re all finally settling in.


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