Wishing upon stars

Wishes do come true. I truly believe in this mostly because I truly believe in the power of thinking it, seeing it, believing it, creating it, working on it and acting upon it. Our thoughts become our realities with a lot of work in between. Sometimes I wonder if some people are luckier than others, or if some people just end up in the right place at the right time, or if some people just know how to make thoughts a reality. Or is life all about choices and connections? Is it all about God making magic happen from above? Or is it Mother Nature making the world vibrate? Are animals making the world go round? Or is it the total of everything combined in this beautiful world that makes life tick? Is it all just a fantastical allusion in our mind? 

Watching the meteor shower last night from our balcony made me feel so small and so happy to be part of something much greater. I used to be obsessed with finding the Truth about God, gods, the Universe etc., but now I’m quite happy with just accepting the fact that whatever it is, it’s much greater and more powerful than us mere humans can ever understand. Hell, I don’t even exactly understand what a meteor shower is. Or how time works, or what animals really think. They don’t have words to think in, so do they just think in feelings? What is it like to not have words scrolling across your mind all day? Lucky ducks. Some things in life just don’t have an answer. Just like not all things are good nor bad. Some things are just right and are exactly how they should be without a logical answer. It is what is and that’s a beautiful thing. 

On another less serious note… I’ve decided to accessorize my wedding dress with one of these fancy numbers…



Or possibly this…



Happy Tuesday!

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