Busy Brown bees

Matt and I have been hard at work on the little Brown ranch! It feels so good just to sit here on the porch and write instead of hauling around furniture, trash and boxes upon boxes of stuff. It also feels so good to get rid of stuff and to have space to put everything. We had the best ocean view apartment in Windansea, but dear god, we had no space to put anything. Matt’s toys (surfboards, dive gear, fishing poles, guitars, etc.) were all piled high in our living room along with all of my painting and dog stuff. It’s so awesome to have a garage now and to have a proper place for everything. We have drawers with nothing in them. It’s a beautiful feeling! Even Bear has his own little room under the stairs complete with his own fancy automatic kitty litter box. The auto kitty litter box is one of the best inventions of mankind. Our roomba, Harriet, and the magic cat shit box had a date the other day. It was really cute to see Harriet bumping into it cleaning up the kitty litter that Bear tracked out of the box as the box did it’s thing. It’s amazing how something so simple can make me so utterly happy. The magic cat shit box doesn’t smell at all and instead of having to clean out a litter box with a shovel while you hold your breath, you simply take out the bag of crap and toss it in the trash. The raking is done for you! Brilliant I say!

As I was saying, we’ve been busy busy around here. We have pretty much unpacked most of our things and we’ve been working on organizing everything. We’ve decorated our 70s living room and the rest of the house still needs a few pieces of furniture. I can’t wait to decorate the den and our master bedroom next. We’ve decided to whole heartedly embrace the 70s look and feel, so think boho and hippie. Outside we’ve been working hard to get the horse area ready so that we can pick up our other new horse Gracie. Lady has been staying in a temporary stall for the time being. We had the old horse corrals pulled out with a tractor and we had all of the junk from the barn hauled away. This week we’re getting 40 tons of decomposed granite delivered and a whole bunch of railroad ties to line the corrals. On Tuesday we’re getting all of the new corrals dropped off and a bobcat to spread all of the deegee. Hopefully by Wednesday everything will be installed and ready for Gracie to come home! I’m so excited! Today Matt and I are going to build out the dilapidated shed that’s going to be our tack room and my little art studio. I’m thinking I’m going to paint it a bright green color and one day make a deck off of it to set my easel up right under the trees and right near the horses. Some serious creative magic energy is going to come out of this studio once it’s done. I can’t wait to start painting again. I’m planning on doing a huge piece for the entryway of my favorite oak tree on the property.

This weekend the oak trees in front of our house got some haircuts. There were guys climbing high up in the trees with chainsaws swinging from their belts as they cut out all of the dead parts and exposed the beautiful scaffolding of the tree trunks. Not going to lie, they look a little naked right now, but they’ll grow in better and greener in no time. Our lot next to the house where all of the horses are is finally getting a little more cleaned up too. We’re planning on eventually putting in a nice wood fence along the front of the property and around the turnouts and arena. It’s so hard to wait and not doing everything at one time, but we’re going to be here forever, so I guess it’s fun to have lots of little projects to do over the years. Like completely gutting the house, but that’s a whole other story that’s not going to happen for a few years. For now we’re just focusing on making the outside nice and ready for the horses. We also really want to put in some raised beds for a garden and one day tier the hill behind our house. Our kitchen and the den looks right out at a dirt hill right now, and we’re dying to put in a bunch of gorgeous flowers and landscaping. Patience, grasshopper. One thing at a time!

Last night was perfect. Matt walked the dogs and I rode Lady bareback around the Loop. It was nice meeting a bunch of neighbors and watching the sunset from the top of the hill. Lady is really settling down and she’s already listening to me a lot more. I still can’t believe that we now live in LA, yet we can ride our horse around our neighborhood and walk our dogs off leash. We absolutely love it here and can’t believe that we found this perfect little place for us. After our walk we opened an awesome bottle of pinot, had dinner and enjoyed being in our house. I lit some candles and we watched a movie for the first time in our new den. We snuggled up with the dogs at our feet and I was asleep within the first five minutes of the movie as usual. Happiness is being at home with your family.


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