A horse, a home and two happy hippies

Matt and I are home. We have a home that we are going to fill up with love. I still can’t believe it’s real. After all of the waiting, wishing and hoping- we are finally here. Right now I’m sitting on our porch that looks out over the ginormous oak trees and the rustic old barn below. The light through the trees is gorgeous at this hour. I feel like we live in a tree house. It’s all wood and au natural. I haven’t shaved my legs in five days. And I’m lovin’ it. Matt, not so much.


So much has happened in the last two weeks! We got the keys to our new house and we got a new horse. We found her in Norco and she was living with the nicest couple who took really good care of her. She’s a beautiful sorrel quarter horse mare with a big pretty blaze and a long mane and tail. She has the most gentle and kind personality. I just know that I can trust her to take care of Matt. Matt wants to name her Lady. Mostly because he wants to walk up to her and say, “Hey lady!”. I can’t help but think of Gangnam Style. But she is definitely a Lady and she’s so pretty that she needs a pretty girly name. We can’t wait to take our horses out on all of the trails and go exploring all over Red Rock. After a long tedious adventure to pick her up , it was so much fun to follow Matt and the horse trailer along the PCH and up the canyon. We’ve been hanging out under the trees grooming her and giving her love all day long. Whoever thought three months ago that we would end up here? Living in awesome hippieville? With a horse?


Today we woke up to the sound of horses neighing, birds chirping and a director shouting, “Action!”. We have officially moved to LA. They’re filming a Lifetime movie called A Dollywood Christmas, but sadly no Dolly Parton in these parts today. Apparently the house across the street looks more like a house in Tennessee than any houses in Tennessee, if that makes any sense. All of the neighbors have been out and about to check out all of the action. Everyone is so nice and everyone absolutely loves living here. More than a handful of the neighbors have lived here for 24 plus years. Our neighbor has lived here for 40. We take this to be a really good sign! There’s a ton of kids on our street and a preschool right across the street. We have a lot of rooms to fill up, but for now we’ll just have horses as our babies.

When we found our house on Trulia, I was so excited! However,  I wondered if it was even livable. The pictures looked pretty bad. I spent hours and hours staring at the pictures and looking past all of the orange linoleum and wood paneling. I could only see gorgeous floor to ceiling steel windows, wide hand scraped oak plank floors and clean modern lines. Matt and I talked about all of the changes we would make the second that we stepped foot in our ugly dream house, but then a weird thing happened. Once we got the keys and stepped inside our new home, we decided that we absolutely love it the way that it is. It is absolutely perfect for right now. I LOVE the funky linoleum, the knotty pine wood paneling, the practically antique stove, the stone fireplace and the awesome spa like bathroom upstairs. It’s totally 70s and totally awesome. Well, except for the nasty old carpet that I literally ripped out with scissors and the type of superhuman power that somehow develops during a move. We were shopping at Costco to get basic supplies for the homestead when we came across some laminate floors that looks just like wood. At $1.48/sq ft we just couldn’t leave it behind. We heaved and hoed all the boxes into our giant Uhaul that we rented for a week and we begged our dads to help us install it. Luckily my Pappa will do anything for a Sierra Nevada extra IPA Torpedo, so it wasn’t too hard to convince him. This all happened in a matter of 24 hours right before our housewarming party. There were literally piles of sawdust in our kitchen and tools everywhere right before everyone got there, but the superhuman moving powers made it all somehow happen.


Our housewarming party (the first of several!) was so awesome! Mostly because my dad showed up in his stretch nylon 70’s outfit complete with his white platform shoes with goldfish in the soles. And because Megan and Johnathan read my mind and brought us a picnic table that they made by hand with love. It fits perfectly in our side yard under the oak tree. We absolutely love love love it! Everyone brought us such sweet presents- flowers, champagne, wine, passionfruit fines, dragon fruit plants, homemade eggs and jams. A bunch of our friends showed up in 70’s outfits and helped us make our house finally feel like a home. My little brother made the trip up from San Diego and it definitely wouldn’t have been the same without him. The boys swung from a rope they put high up in a tree and the girls caught up on life. No matter how much furniture we get or floors we put in, a house just doesn’t feel like home until you put your loved ones inside of it.


It’s been a lot of hard work and a lot of craziness over the last few months, but it feels so damn good to finally just sit and be still on our porch. To soak it in and really realize that we are finally home. This place feels so perfect for us, like there’s no other place that we should be, but here. Under the oaks, listening to the birds, watching for coyotes, playing with our dogs, loving our horses and loving each other.


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