27 years of happiness!

I’ve been so filled with love and gratitude lately that I can’t help but be cheesy-weezy. Today I caught myself saying, “Birthdays aren’t a big deal anymore now that I’m an old lady.” Well, guess what?! This is completely and totally untrue! Birthdays are a huge deal! Why?! Because it’s another year and another day and another minute that we’re alive and well!! I am so happy to still be alive, to be healthy, to be in love and to be oh-so happy (insert cheeseball grin here)! 

Here is my super cheesy list of 27 things I’m really thankful for today and everyday…

1) most obviously my awesome family and my growing family. I’m so thankful to have such great parents and to have a radical little brother. They are extremely awesome. I’m also so thankful for all of the rest of the Alwerud’s and Zahyna’s. It’s been so fun moving up to LA and spending more time with my extended family. I’m soooo grateful for my sexy hunk of love and his great parents! I’m also so lucky to be able to soon call Matt’s mom and dad, my mother-in-law and father-in-law. They are awesome too! This list is going to be really long if I go on like this!

2) awesome friends and all of the old and new friends that we’re connecting with now that we live up in LA. Friends are family in my book. Big love to you all. 

3) surprise, surprise! Dogs and all animals! This one is obvious. But I am so grateful for all of the love that animals share with me. I’m so excited to bring Gracie home! And to get a flock of wee little chicks. Can’t wait! 

4) super thankful for DogZenergy and our whole team of amazing dog walkers. I can’t say enough how grateful I am for my mom and the whole rest of the team. It’s not an easy job and they make sure that all of our dogs our loved and safe!

5) our new home! I’m over-the-moon excited about getting the keys to our first house! I told Matt that all I want for my birthday is a super-dooper keychain and some BABY CHICKENS! 


6) being healthy. We take this for granted so much.

7) cuddling with my fur babies

8) long convos about life, love, family and business with my manly man

9) just doing nothing with my man

10) Mother Nature – I love her and all of her beautiful creatures. The ocean, the mountains, leaves, veggies, fruits, air, water, etc. etc. it’s all awesome, beautiful and amazing.

11) lessons from the Universe/God/Mother Nature/higher power/what-have-you. Good, just right, bad or whatever, everything happens like it should and will always be. It is what it is and it will always be just as it should be. 

12) long walks on the beach at sunset with my dogs (how cornball is that? But it’s so true!)

13) to have lived in La Jolla for nearly 10 years. 

14) to have lived in our beach front surf shack apartment for four years

15) to move to Topanga and truly embrace my hippie radicalness. Oh yes, I’m so naming our trees and I just might hug them everyday! Does this mean that I can stop shaving my legs?

16) creativity and art. So excited to finally have space to paint and have a little art studio out of my garage. I want to pull my easel right out to Gracie’s stall and paint all day while she eats all day.

17) horseback riding. Can’t wait to ride everyday and awaken the part of my soul that goes dormant when horses aren’t in my life.


19) cooking healthy food. There’s nothing better than home grown veggies and making food for the people you love. 

20) unicorns


21) experiencing new things! For my birthday my Pappa took me to Paradise Cove in Malibu. It was like I was on a faraway island for a few hours.

22) traveling with my main squeeze (where did this phrase come from? Main squeeze?). The past year has been filled with fun romantic trips with Matt all over the world. I asked my dad what he thinks makes marriages last forever and he said, “Doing things together.” Check! 

23) asking questions. I’ve been trying to talk less and listen more. My friends would probably say I haven’t succeeded in this. But it’s amazing how much you can learn by asking questions. I’m especially fascinated about asking questions about relationships, love and happiness. See above. 

24) learning about new things! Like BABY CHICKENS! Below is a Showgirl chicken, but he’s a rooster, so I guess he’s a Chickendale chicken?


25) making Matt happy and seeing him smile

26) laughing out loud or crying tears of joy

27) change

**this list is not in chronological favorite order, otherwise BABY CHICKENS would be numero uno on the list.

1 thought on “27 years of happiness!

  1. brandi

    haha no more shaving cream & razors for you! now that you live more in the wilderness you can be naturale!


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