Thinking about love

Wow! Life is crazy and good! It’s amazing how letting go and accepting the journey can result in the most positive, amazing and unexpected outcomes. I’ve always been a little bit resistant to change and now I’ve been shown the light! Change is fantastic!

I loved our life in San Diego so much that I was afraid of leaving behind all of the good, but God/the Universe/Mother Nature/a greater power had something else in store for us. I’ve always been an extremely visual person and a big dreamer and all of a sudden a ton of my thoughts and dreams are becoming a reality. I’m incredibly overwhelmed with gratitude and awe that this is all happening. One thing is certain- it all starts with Love.

My whole life I’ve been in love with animals. My whole world involved around them and they taught me how to love and truly care for something outside of yourself. I worked so hard in school because I wanted to make my parents really happy so that I was allowed to ride horses and maybe one day have a horse of my own. I continued to work hard through high school because I wanted to get into a good college so that I could have a career that could support a lifestyle that included horses. Then my love of dogs lead me to build a dog training and walking business. I would not have been able to achieve anything without my Love, Matt, and the devoted love of my mom helping me to run the business. It all starts with love.

Matt and I have talked about our dream house for hours and hours over the last few years. We’ve always imagined a decent sized property so that we could have our own little zoo filled with animals and our kids. We imagined a property with big trees and a creek and a space to build a barn for our horses, music and art studios. We talked about which styles of houses that we loved and talked about how we wanted to renovate an old house and fill it up with friends and family. I always thought that this was going to happen down the road… in at least 5-10 years, but it’s happening now! All of the hours of dreaming and planning are manifesting now. Next week we close on our dream property that has all of the details mentioned above. There’s a creek and big sycamore and oak trees and a preschool across the street with kids laughing.

And to top it off, we already found my dream horse to complete the vision. Her name is Gracie and she’s a beautiful warmblood mare who’s perfect for me! She’s not too easy and will keep me on my toes. We have a lot to learn together and I’m so excited for all of our upcoming adventures. The timing has been just right because her owner is a friend of Matt’s mom who has owned her for ten years and has been her only rider. He’s so in love with her and has been looking for the perfect home for her. He could easily sell her for a few thousand dollars, but out of love and loyalty to Gracie, he’s giving her to us for free and entrusting her into our care. When he told me that he’s giving her to me my eyes welled up with tears of happiness and thankfulness. I’ve dreamed of a horse like Gracie for so long and I can’t believe that she’s going to come live with us at our new house. I can’t wait to lavish her with love and paint our house in love.

Matt and I are dreaming like crazy these days and envisioning afternoons picking veggies in our garden and cooking big family style dinners after going for long rides on our horses. We’re thinking about how we want our future to be filled with laughter and adventures with our family. I think about loving Matt with my whole heart and holding his hand when our hands our bony and veiny with age. I am so thankful to be with a man who wants to make our dreams a reality by planning, talking and working towards them everyday.

I’m in utter awe of the power of dreaming and being in love. It’s truly magical.


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