A Picnic in Seal Beach

Yesterday was one of those perfect days! With our car packed with people and dogs we headed up to LA and stopped to have lunch with our amazing friends, Megan and Johnathan with their new puppy, Maggie. Geniusly (my new word!) Megan suggested a picnic on the grass next to the Seal Beach Pier. She packed a perfect lunch and the sun was shining above our heads. It was so fun to meet Maggie and to stare at her sweet, sweet face! She’s by far one of the most adorable puppies I’ve ever seen. She fell asleep on a strawberry and woke up with pink all over her. I miss having a puppy! It was so good to see them!

We brought along Matt’s friend Dan and he joined in on the puppy fun. Then it was off to La-La Land and we found ourselves with more friends at Nobu in Malibu. My Pappa joined us and we celebrated a birthday with our family friends. The restaurant is incredible with a rich, contemporary wooden interior and the outside butts up against the crashing ocean. The food was perfection with the best pieces of Toro, yellowtail and Kobe beef. It was such a yummy treat and feast for the eyes.

Then it was off to Hollyweird with the boys. Emphasis on weird. We met up with friends at Hemingway’s for another birthday and I’m not going to lie, I was feeling quite awkward amongst the black rimmed glasses, pomade hair, bow ties and grunge dresses. The hipster style evades me and I just don’t understand it. I’m much more comfortable in jeans and dog walking gear with the occasional dog dress and heels. The night was very entertaining and we ended up witnessing a crazy hit and run. A drunk girl wedged her car in between two other cars and got stuck. The other girl gets out and in her tiny mini dress starts screaming at her, “Oh hell no!” and then as soon as the cops show up the drunk girl pulls through and speeds off even though the cops were right there. The the cop does the slowest three-point turn anyone has ever seen and eventually speeds off after them. Apparently this is normal in Hollywood, but it makes me even more scared driving around on a weekend late night. Yet again, I go out on the town and reminded yet again that it’s way better to just snuggle on the couch with my Matt and my doggies. Maybe I’m getting old. And I like it that way.

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