My Dog House

This is what a dog girl’s house looks like. It’s full of love and dogs. It’s also full of dog hair and cat hair too. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


My Daisy girl is my most favorite couch accessory. She’s a constant fixture of happiness and peace in my little beach side apartment that I share with my animal-loving man, my little brother, Mr. Taj, Bear the cat, and our slithery friends- Benjamin the green tree python, Ezmerelda the bearded dragon and Zero the panther chameleon.


There’s lots of love packed into our little place. It’s full of laughter and lots of cuddling. I love my dog house and all of it’s creatures.

I’m excited to share my dog house with you! I can’t wait to share my tips on how to live with animals and how to create balance and peace in an inter-species household. Happiness is a Roomba, a good lint-roller, plenty of good smelling candles and much more!

Peace, Paws & Love,

The Dog Girl

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